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Hiring Made Simple

Are you tired of making the wrong hire or not finding the right candidates? We are here to help!

The best way to find the perfect hire is with Outsource Screening . This program helps business owners and hiring leaders build their dream team by searching for talent in your area, video interview screening, tracking applications, managing resumes, checking references, and providing salary market information - all from one convenient platform that's supported by recruiters who know what they're doing.

The first recruitment program built specifically for entrepreneurs just like you.

Easy Video Interview Screening

How many more applications and resumes are you going to read through looking for your next new hire?

How many times are you going to play phone tag, chase voicemails and try to track down applicants for screening as part of your selection process?

Well, thanks to Outsource Screening the answer is 'none' as the best candidates will self-identify themselves by taking a one-way video interview created by you.

Best Value Video Interview Screening

If you are hiring then you need Outsource Screening as it identifies those applicants that are really interested in your vacancy. It saves you hours of time. Outsource Screening is a win-win for both you and your candidates. It's more convenient for applicants as they take the interview when they want and it's more convenient for you as you watch when you want.

Outsource Screening is affordable and easy to use. Plus, you are supported by us through our Dream Team Community every step of the way!

Try Outsource Screening today and speed up your recruitment process!

See Founding Packages

The founding packages are our most affordable option for new members, and we're offering them at a steep discount for a limited time!

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Hire Faster!

Screen Smarter

With enough time anybody can write a good resumé or CV, but by setting up pre-determined questions and watching candidates answer them, you can tell in an instant if a candidate is right for your next level of selection. Screen through your screen.

One-Way Video Interviews

Letting candidates record themselves means you can remove several steps from the recruitment process. Instead of resumé, email, phone calls, Zoom interview, you can go straight from Outsource Screening's one-way video interview to a face-to-face interview or even direct to hiring!

Outsource Screening Includes

Video Recording

Candidates use their smartphone, tablet or computer to take the interview.

Inbuilt Text

Send interview invites and follow-ups to the candidates mobile phone via text messaging

Personalize The Interview

Use questions from Outsource Screening's inbuilt question bank or create your own.

Time Questions

Choose how long applicants have to answer each question.

Play Back

Choose whether applicant can play back or re-record their answers.

Schedule Deadline

Set a deadline when the interview has to be submitted

Share Interview

Share interviews with collegues for their feedback.

Rate Interviews

Rate interviews using our star rating system, making it easy to see which applicants to pursue.

Inbuilt Email

Send interview invites and follow-ups at the touch of a button using inbuilt email templates that are customizable

What Makes Outsource Screening Different?


Onboarding is really easy. You'll be up and running in minutes. We use the latest video recording technology making the system fast, efficient and reliable.


Outsource Screening is by far the best value recruitment platform with recruiter support to date. Actually, it is the only one!